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Dominique Strategic Consulting is a diverse, experienced team of management and technical professionals located worldwide.

DSC aims to increase the value of companies by driving global growth, seizing strategic synergies and planning long term sustainability. We solve complex problems and pinpoint progress opportunities while maintaining a unique view of the big picture.
Passionate and practical, we help ideas become reality by deciphering through the clutter and discerning distinct and desirable directions. Attend a workshop, ask us for advice or let us guide you through a needed transition. We are in a position to help.

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” – Stephen R. Covey


We speak dozens of languages and have designations like MBA, CFA, PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, but also MD, PhD, MA, MEng, LLM, etc. We will provide the best team of experts and work with you for your specific needs.

From consulting engagements of all sizes to business development of products and services, Dominique Strategic Consulting can help your company align its strategy and resources to achieve enhanced results. Whether you are a small, growth company or large enterprise, DSC will make an impact and deliver tangible results. Contact us to see how our expertise can be of value to you.


With a disciplinary and geographical breath, we foster cross-functional and cross-cultural cooperation to come up with innovative, yet intuitive, applicable and appropriate approach.
We not only provide revealing analyses, but actual actionable plans to capitalize on uncovered opportunities. We envision your organization and your global marketplace as a whole and make sure everything is aligned for future sustainable success.


Energizing one’s business is never easy, but fatally necessary. If you do not take the time to think things through, someone else will. The day-to-day works, but for how long? Numerous sizeable enterprises have fallen victim to lack of sound strategy. A modern business has to be apt to adapt.

Preemptively plan against real or potential pressure like ships plan against pirates and changing tides. You have the power to captain the ship to the seven seas and beyond.


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